The Top QA Testing Companies in US

7 Software Testing Companies in America

Software development companies around the world are competing to be in the market and maintain high customer satisfaction. Only rigorous testing and strict quality assurance protocols are able to guarantee that applications meet their requirements. Many businesses have in-house testing and quality assurance teams. However, this can lead to disillusionment and lack of industry-relevant knowledge. Third-party software testing companies are here to help.

External testing solutions are more cost-effective if you have a team of functionally competent people, robust internal processes and a resilient approach. Below is a list with the best software testing companies in America.

QA Mentor

QA Mentor, based in New York City, is a major software quality assurance and testing company. It provides a wide range more than 30 QA services across 8 countries, enhancing its global reach. QA Mentor is a trusted name worldwide, having worked with more than 500 clients. They offer a test automation platform, QA education and corporate training programs.

Avo Automation

Avo Automation, a USA-based software testing company, was founded in 2015. It offers an enterprise-grade, full-scale quality automation system that unifies process detection and test automation. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio and has offices throughout the United States, Europe and APAC. Avo’s solutions are pillared by the Fortune 500s and other prominent industries such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more. Automation solutions that unlock the true potential of automation are able to free people from repetitive tasks. They have received numerous analyst reports recognizing their high-quality automation product.

Quality Logic

Quality Logic, based in Idaho, is a respected software testing company whose operations span across countries and continents. Quality Logic offers a full range of QA and testing services. This makes them a one-stop shop for all your testing needs. Their extensive industry experience allows them to adapt quickly to new technologies and practices. They have an advantage over the rest because of their engineering expertise and well-crafted insights.

Impact QA

Impact QA is another firm based in New York. They have risen to be the first choice of top Fortune 500 companies and startups that have been funded over the past decade. With offices in India and the UK, Impact QA has unparalleled industry knowledge and talent. Impact QA provides a broad range of services, including automated testing and outsourced testing. They also offer continuous testing and performance engineering. They have been able to help large international companies with all aspects of QA and testing thanks to their solid reputation and in-house team.


Testlio, a California-based company, has expanded its network and reputation far beyond America’s borders. It employs software testers from all over the world, which allows it to serve clients on almost every continent. They offer flexible and on-demand application testing services, while ensuring better customer experience. Although they are still relatively new, their extensive range of services and high-quality standards have allowed them to secure clients from some of the largest companies around the globe.


The USA-based company promises quality, but backs it up with commitment. DeviQA offers a free trial period to demonstrate their trust and expertise. The trial period gives companies the opportunity to see how DeviQA works and then decide if they want to commit fully. The comprehensive offerings include automated testing of web and mobile apps, full-cycle testing and QA processes. They also offer performance testing, load and regression testing and QA consulting.

Mindful QA

Mindful QA is affordable. Clients pay only for what they require. They have an extensive network of testers with different backgrounds. They offer many other services, including manual and automated performance testing, API testing and consulting.

Software testing is an essential function that maintains the quality of the application. Only applications that work smoothly, are free from bugs and have minimal errors, and provide a seamless customer experience will be successful in today’s highly competitive market. The first step to achieving this goal is choosing the right test automation software.