The 10 Best Online Software Testing Courses for Beginners in 2022

Here is a list of the best online courses in Software testing, Automation testing, Quality Analysts. These courses will teach you tools, practices and everything needed to be a software tester.

You have found the best online courses for Software Testing, both manual and automated, and are looking to improve your job skills.

In the past I shared some of the best online courses for learning essential automation tools such as Selenium and Appium. Today, I will share the best courses to learn software testing and get started in your career as a Quality Analyst (QA) or Software tester.

These online courses are top-rated by sites such as Udemy and Pluralsight. Coursera is also available. You can choose to take both paid and free courses. Coursera and edX are free to learn and require no payment if you wish certification.

Software testing is the process of finding bugs in software, correcting them and ensuring that the software meets market requirements before it is released to the public.

Software testing engineers are in high demand because every software company needs to test their software or app before it is released to the public. reports that the average salary for this job is $83k per year, with a possibility to increase for seniors to $97k.

This is a highly lucrative career with many remote and onsite work opportunities. As a Business Analyst or Project Manager, you can grow your career.

You now know what software testing is, and the benefits it offers. If you continue reading this article, you’ll also find some online courses that can help you learn these skills.

The 10 Best Software Testing Courses You Can Learn in 2022

These are the top online courses that you can take to learn Software and Automation Testing and become a Quality Analyst or Software Tester by 2022.

This list contains both beginner and advanced software testing courses from websites such as Udemy and Coursera. These courses are very affordable, and you can purchase them for $10 by using Udemy’s monthly sales.

1. The Complete 2022 Software Testing Bootcamp

This course is the best Udemy course on Software Testing in 2022. This course was created by Tarek Roshdy a QA Engineer and testing expert. It covers everything you need about software testing.

This course will teach you the following skills:

  1. The basic theoretical concepts
  2. Writing test cases and bug reporting
  3. Test management tools (Testlink).
  4. Agile Testing Basics and Agile Tools (JIRA).
  5. Black Box Techniques (Equivalence Partitioning-Boundary Value Analysis-Decision Table Testing-State Transition Testing-Use Case Testing)
  6. White Box Techniques (Statement Coverage-Decision Coverage-Path Coverage-MC/DC-Loop Coverage)
  7. Freelance Testing (Bugfinders-Utest-Testerwork-Crossover)
  8. Performance Testing
  9. Mobile Testing and API Testing

You can do so much more. This course prepares you to interview for Sofware tester with commonly asked interview questions. It is a great course to get started in software testing. It is also suitable for ISTQB certifications .

2. Software Testing and Automation Specialization [Coursera]

This specialization in Coursera is for developers of all types of Software. They will need to acquire the knowledge and skills to perform software testing on their products prior to launching them to the market.

Every course begins with an overview of software testing and its benefits. Next, you will learn how to perform black-box and White-box testing using practice and automation testing. This will allow you to quickly generate large numbers of tests.

This course will teach you:

  • Automation testing.
  • Testing with black and white boxes
  • Mobile and desktop testing

Finally, learn how to use the Selenium tool for mobile and web testing.

If you like Coursera courses, I recommend you also join the Coursera PLUS subscription plan. This gives unlimited access to the most popular courses, specializations, certificates, and guided projects. You get unlimited certificates for a cost of $399/year.

3. Automated Testing [edX]

This article concludes with a big course on automated testing. To get faster results and more efficient work, you can also take this professional certificate from edx on automated software testing.

This course will teach you:

  • Automation testing can be used to test any software.
  • Automation testing is limited.
  • Develop testable architecture.

Start by learning the basics of software testing. Next, move on to functional testing, structural and code coverage. This includes analyzing your source code and developing testable architectures.

4. In-Depth Software Training Course from Scratch

Software testing can either be done manually or automatically, depending on which software you are using. This course on Udemy will show you how to do each of these and more.

An introduction to software testing, including validation and certification. Then we will move on to the software’s life cycle and write the requirements.

This course will teach you:

  • Introduction to software testing methods
  • How to execute a test.
  • Different tools can be used to perform the tests.

You will later see the steps involved in testing, managing executions, generating reports, as well as the defect management process and the life cycle.

5. Cucumber using Java-Build Automation Framework in

This online course is for Java developers who want to learn Automation testing, or to test Java applications.

This course was created by Rahul Shaetty, a software testing expert. It will show you how to use the Cucumber BDD Approach (Selenium Appium, API, and API) to create powerful Testing frameworks with minimal code.

These are some of the things you’ll learn in this course.

  1. Cucumber Rules for defining Cucumber feature files
  2. Cucumber Automation terminology
  3. Cucumber data-driven testing
  4. DataTable and its importance
  5. A regular expression for developing reusable components
  6. Parameterizing tests using Example keyword
  7. Cucumber Hooks & Tagging Features

This course is great for both Java developers as well as software testers. It covers all the topics from scratch and includes lots of practical examples to help you understand.

6. Automated Software Test with Python [Udemy]

This course teaches you how to automate testing Python using Udemy. This course was created by Jose Salvatierra Python experts, who is one of my favorite Udemy instructors.

This course will cover all aspects of automated software testing using Python, BDD and Selenium WebDriver. The focus is on web applications.

This course covers all the latest technologies that you can use in your professional and personal projects such as:

  • The unittest library is Python’s standard automated software-testing library.
  • Two essential tools for reducing dependencies in testing are mocking and patching.
  • Unit, acceptance, integration, system and system testing — All types of testing covered
  • Postman allows for collaboration and testing during development;
  • Selenium WebDriver is used to automate browser testing;
  • Travis and Git allow for continuous integration of your projects.

This course is a great training resource for Python developers and software testers who want to learn how to test Python web applications.

7. Testing Angular Apps (previously Angular 2 Apps) with Jasmine

Web application testing is an in-demand skill. Many testers don’t know how to test React or Angular applications. This course is for you if you’re interested in web application testing.

This course was created by Mosh Hadani, who is one of the most highly-rated Udemy instructors. It will teach you how write unit and integration testing for your Angular applications and then deploy them with confidence.

These are the most important things you’ll learn in this course.

  • How to create clean, maintainable tests for your Angular applications
  • How to determine how much of your code is covered under tests
  • How to write tests for reuseable components
  • How to create tests for component templates
  • Test forms
  • How to create confirmation boxes tests
  • How to make tests for navigation
  • How to write tests for attribute directives
  • How to use asynchronous operations

This course is a great way to learn how to test Angular applications using Jasmine. You’re familiar with the results if you have taken Mosh’s courses in the past. It is a wonderful resource with high-quality video and audio. The delivery is flawless, with no mucking about.

8. Selenium WebDriver for Java -Basics and Advanced+Frameworks

Selenium is without doubt the most important tool for automation testers. Any list of software testing courses would be incomplete without a Selenium course.

This course is the best online course to learn Selenium webDeriver. This course was created by Rahul Shaikh, a leading testing expert. It covers all technologies that a software automation tester needs to test Java applications.

These are the skills that you will acquire in this course:

  • Selenium Webdriver in depth
  • Live examples in Automating Web Applications in All Supported Browsers
  • Advanced WebDriver: Strategy for Rich Web UI
  • WebDriver’s real-time problems and the solutions
  • Selenium Grid and Selenium Live Projects
  • Questions and answers to interview questions
  • Tools like TestNG, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Log4j, Cucumber etc
  • Reports on Test Execution
  • Hybrid Framework and Data-driven Framework
  • Page object Model Framework
  • DataBase testing using Selenium
  • Selenium is used to perform performance testing
  • Cloud Automation with Sauce Labs and Mobile Automation

This is a perfect course for manual testers, non-programming-aware testers interested in learning Automation, as well as Java developers who want to learn Automation testing.

9 Business Analyst – Software Testing Processes and Techniques

This course is available on Udemy. It will give you an introduction to software testing, as well as more practical lessons about how to make your project more bug-free and ready to go to market.

Software testing concepts, the goals and phrases of the process will be explained.

This course will teach you:

  • Software testing and documentation
  • How to track and document bugs.
  • These tools can help you track your bugs.

You will then see how to manage defects and use tools like Excel and SharePoint to document them.

10. Automated testing: End to End [Pluralsight]

This course is for freelance developers who work for themselves or for a leader. It teaches automated testing to increase productivity, speed up feedback, and improve your overall productivity.

These are some of the things you’ll learn in this course.

  • Automation testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • Functional UI testing.

An introduction will be made about automation testing, and the differences between manual and automated testing.

You will then see all the stages involved in the process, including the integration testing and functional UI testing such as automating tools and how to create your own functional tools.

To join this course, you will need a pluralsight membership. It costs $29 per month or $299 annually (14% discount). This subscription is highly recommended for programmers because it gives instant access to over 7000+ online courses that can be used to learn any technology skill. You can also access their 10-day-free-pass to view this course absolutely free.


Pluralsight is the best place to learn in-demand skills like DevOps and machine learning.

This is all about the top software testing courses you can take in 2022. These courses can help you become a Software Tester and QA Analyst. Software testing is essential for any tool or service that a company offers. It must be validated and verified before it can be launched to the marketplace. If the product poses a threat to someone’s life, then they may lose money or get in trouble.